Cost Effective Buying Service

Reducing costs on fuels, fertilisers, feeds, seeds, sprays, building materials, parts, tools, tyres, electricity, gases, telecoms

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Provides Updates on Market Movements

Providing quality & financially intelligent services to farms. Calling when target prices are triggered & before markets become unstable.

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Exceeding members’ expectations through
continuous improvement of service and prices

South Anglia’s Members Co-Operative

Samco is a members buying group with 300 farms, located mostly across South Anglia, but stretching north to Scotland and west to Somerset & Cornwall.

We have been providing quality and financially intelligent service to farms for over 50 years.

Samco is the short name for Samco & Shrim Farmers Limited, formed in 2002 when Essex based Shrim Farms joined with Samco after 50 years of independent purchasing