And the Shows Begin! LAMMA 2019

Did any of you spot Simon and Jodi wandering around at LAMMA last week? The venue change really was for the better, we hope they continue to make it a great show!

Fendt Combine

The return of the Farm safety zone was sorely needed, given the recent push for farm safety awareness (plus this, which is truly terrifying). But our favourite, as ever, were those stands that introduced us to new products, tech and exciting innovation. We spoke at length to a potential new supplier who provides tyre sealant that can heal a 30mm hole in 3 revolutions of the tyre! Very handy for harvest time. Keep an eye out in our newsletter in the coming weeks for more information on that.


JCB Fastrac

We also spotted quite a lot of shiny new kit, to be expected at a show like LAMMA, like the Fendt Combine and JCB Fastrac above, Nothing’s quite as exciting and seeing brand new kit in the flesh! (metal?)


What were your favourite sights at LAMMA this year? Did you like the new venue? Did you manage to get coffee and cake before they ran out on the first day?


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