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We had a visit this morning from one of our members, who took part yesterday in a careers fair for local young adults in Bishops Stortford and it sparked a very interesting discussion in the office that I think ought to be shared.


He, along with another member and a colleague of theirs went to encourage the students in attendance to consider a career in agriculture and to increase awareness of the vast number of career paths that there are in the industry today. From their report, it seems as though the common perception of agriculture in those who are not immediately connected with the industry is drastically outdated and narrow. This strikes us at the Samco office as a shame, because we need more people to enter into the agricultural industry in order to continue to essentially fuel a nation!


Mr Broad noted that most people in attendance were greatly surprised at the variety of career paths available to those interested in entering the agricultural sector. The image of a cold farmer on an old combine with a metal seat exposed to the air and wrapped in as much clothing as possible seems to have crept into the public consciousness with some permanence, and is unlikely to change unless we go out there and change it.


       Samco produced this poster for the event, and it shows just some of the multitude of career options available.


So the next time you get a chance, talk to your non-farming friends and try to find out what they think of agriculture. Particularly the younger generation who are considering what they might like to do with the rest of their lives, You may just surprise them!


Here are some resources we’ve found if you’re interested in pursuing a career in agriculture:

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