Getting the most out of your fuel this winter

Natasha, Simon, Wendy and Julia at the Samco office for fuel & additive training day

With winter fast approaching, we’ve put together our best tips for maintaining fuel quality over the colder months:

• Fill it up!

Air and water are your enemies, if you have a machine with a half empty tank, top it up before you put it away. The less room for air and water in your fuel, the less opportunity there is for bacteria to grow inside your tank, ruining your fuel.

• Take care of your tank

If you’re using a fuel tank, the state of your tank can seriously affect the quality of the fuel coming out, so keep it clean!

• Post-treatment filters

If you do end up finding bugs inside your tank, and treat them accordingly, don’t forget to change your filters 5 days post treatment. The dead bacteria will collect in the filter and cause problems unless you change them.

• Take a sample

If you’re worried about any of your fuel, have a look at it. Fuel should be clear with no visible water droplets. If you’re unsure about the state of your fuel, ask us for a bottle and we’ll get it tested for you from the Samco office.

Thanks to Wendy & Julia at FAST Exocet for the help & information from our training day.

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  1. good Friday am all.
    I could not find a carrier who would take 2L of kerosene to Atcham for me, so I yesterday drove to F A S T and saw Julia Mansfield. I will let you know the outcome of the test when I hear. at that stage I will know if I must replace my ancient tank! and arrange winter fuel delivery. I am hoping my fuel will last until I have the result, and that the AGA keeps going. most recently fired up on 09.10.18. engineer had to use drill to clear the carbon.
    thank you for your support.
    best wishes.

    • Hi Mr Donovan,
      gosh you went a long way! Please do keep us informed on the results of your fuel test, you’ll be needing that aga over Christmas i’m sure! Your tank has lasted a good long time, maybe it will have to have it’s retirement but we can try to keep it going as long as possible.
      Any problems, just let us know.
      Thank you,

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