And the Shows Begin! LAMMA 2019

Did any of you spot Simon and Jodi wandering around at LAMMA last week? The venue change really was for the better, we hope they continue to make it a great show!

Fendt Combine

The return of the Farm safety zone was sorely needed, given the recent push for farm safety awareness (plus this, which is truly terrifying). But our favourite, as ever, were those stands that introduced us to new products, tech and exciting innovation. We spoke at length to a potential new supplier who provides tyre sealant that can heal a 30mm hole in 3 revolutions of the tyre! Very handy for harvest time. Keep an eye out in our newsletter in the coming weeks for more information on that.


JCB Fastrac

We also spotted quite a lot of shiny new kit, to be expected at a show like LAMMA, like the Fendt Combine and JCB Fastrac above, Nothing’s quite as exciting and seeing brand new kit in the flesh! (metal?)


What were your favourite sights at LAMMA this year? Did you like the new venue? Did you manage to get coffee and cake before they ran out on the first day?


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here at the Samco office we wanted to send you all our best wishes for the festive season and the New Year. Thank you to all members, suppliers and colleagues who have worked with us this year. We hope for good food and company for the rest of 2018 and a prosperous 2019 with all of you.

The Samco staff and Directors Christmas Lunch at the Wild Hart game restaurant in Little Hallingbury

The Samco Office will be closed from 12 Noon on Monday 24th December and will open again on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

A little pre-dinner virtual shooting featuring Director Michael Scantlebury

Careers in Agriculture

We had a visit this morning from one of our members, who took part yesterday in a careers fair for local young adults in Bishops Stortford and it sparked a very interesting discussion in the office that I think ought to be shared.


He, along with another member and a colleague of theirs went to encourage the students in attendance to consider a career in agriculture and to increase awareness of the vast number of career paths that there are in the industry today. From their report, it seems as though the common perception of agriculture in those who are not immediately connected with the industry is drastically outdated and narrow. This strikes us at the Samco office as a shame, because we need more people to enter into the agricultural industry in order to continue to essentially fuel a nation!


Mr Broad noted that most people in attendance were greatly surprised at the variety of career paths available to those interested in entering the agricultural sector. The image of a cold farmer on an old combine with a metal seat exposed to the air and wrapped in as much clothing as possible seems to have crept into the public consciousness with some permanence, and is unlikely to change unless we go out there and change it.


       Samco produced this poster for the event, and it shows just some of the multitude of career options available.


So the next time you get a chance, talk to your non-farming friends and try to find out what they think of agriculture. Particularly the younger generation who are considering what they might like to do with the rest of their lives, You may just surprise them!


Here are some resources we’ve found if you’re interested in pursuing a career in agriculture:

The 100th Annual Ongar Plough Match 16.09.18

We thought we should share just a few of the photos that we took at the 100th annual Ongar Plough Match with you.
Simon and Sally spent the day chatting to members and taking a look at some of the extraordinary plough set ups. We’re proud to note that our members were some of the over 100 people ploughing!




We’d love to see your photos of the event!

Michael Scantlebury & Roy Boreham MBE






The legend Roy Boreham MBE and chairman #farmermichael

— Juliet scantlebury (@Julietscantleb3) 16 September 2018

Getting the most out of your fuel this winter

Natasha, Simon, Wendy and Julia at the Samco office for fuel & additive training day

With winter fast approaching, we’ve put together our best tips for maintaining fuel quality over the colder months:

• Fill it up!

Air and water are your enemies, if you have a machine with a half empty tank, top it up before you put it away. The less room for air and water in your fuel, the less opportunity there is for bacteria to grow inside your tank, ruining your fuel.

• Take care of your tank

If you’re using a fuel tank, the state of your tank can seriously affect the quality of the fuel coming out, so keep it clean!

• Post-treatment filters

If you do end up finding bugs inside your tank, and treat them accordingly, don’t forget to change your filters 5 days post treatment. The dead bacteria will collect in the filter and cause problems unless you change them.

• Take a sample

If you’re worried about any of your fuel, have a look at it. Fuel should be clear with no visible water droplets. If you’re unsure about the state of your fuel, ask us for a bottle and we’ll get it tested for you from the Samco office.

Thanks to Wendy & Julia at FAST Exocet for the help & information from our training day.

Farm Fire Safety Essentials

Fire scene

Sutton Coldfield Farm fire credit:


Most of us will have heard by now of the terrible damage to crops, livestock and property that has occurred due to this season’s dry weather. Here are the best preventative measures you can take to stop fires and ensure you limit any fire damage as much as you can.


  • Pick up debris


Glass bottles/reflective debris in strong sunlight can heat and catch dry crops. Be careful to pick up anything you see that might pose a threat and dispose of it. (Plus it will keep your fields looking pretty). Another risk is obviously cigarettes, carefully instruct your staff where they can safely smoke, and ensure they dispose of cigarette ends appropriately.


  • Remove hay & straw


Hay & straw are most often the ignition point for arsonists. The readily available fuel makes it quick and easy for wrong doers to start a fire.


  • Keep in touch


Regular contact with other local farmers and crime prevention can keep you updated on potential arsonist activity. Local crime prevention can also assess your site and identify areas that are vulnerable to arson. There’s a quick survey here that you can use to assess your property now.


  • Have the kit


Fire extinguishers of the relevant specifications should be fitted to every one of your vehicles during harvest, so you have them wherever you might need them. Also a full bowser of water should be nearby wherever you are.


  • Keep your kit clean


Remove chaff from machinery, to reduce the risk of it catching whilst you’re combining.


What to do in case of a fire.


  • Get to a safe place
  • Fire spreads FAST. Get as far away as you can, with natural barriers in between
  • Call 999 with your location